Put Your Wellness Plan Into Action

Put Your Wellness Plan Into Action

Schedule an acupuncture consultation and treatment today

The first consultation at Sunlight Acupuncture & Wellness Center LLC usually takes longer, generally about two hours whereas regular visits are an hour. The extra time in the initial appointment is so Jude can get to know a new patient in a comfortable and relaxed visit.

Discover the most effective way to become a healthier you. Call 307-277-6781 now to book your acupuncture consultation. The first appointment can, and often does, include an acupuncture treatment.

What to expect during your consultation

Wellness is reached by good communication between patient and practitioner. Jude will go over your treatment with you in detail before getting started. During your consultation, she’ll:

  • Assess your current health goals
  • Design a wellness plan to help you achieve them
  • Offer you nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • Recommend herbs and supplements to enhance treatment results
  • Decide whether you need weekly or monthly treatments

Take control of your health. Contact Sunlight Acupuncture & Wellness Center today to make an appointment.